Safe Place

Genre: Alternative Cinema 

Starring: Dominique Murphy - de Neef

Credit: Director/DOP/Camera Operator/Sound Designer/Editor/Producer/Sound Recorder

A short artistic film about the director's experience with PTSD & EMDR Therapy. In production.


CarnivALL  1 

Genre: Documentary 

Starring: The children from Carlton School, the residents of Ashdown Sheltering Home and Wellesley Care home, Julia Evangelista & Karol Silva.

Client: Seethrough Theatre Company

Credit: Director/DOP

A short film about Seethrough Theatre Company's project, funded by the Arts Council and Age UK, to engage the older local population of Camden in creative workshops alongside younger generations working to create magnificent Brazilian puppets for the Summer carnivals and festivals across London including Notting Hill Carnival and Alma Street Fair.


A Tale of Two Cultures: From Ireland and Pakistan To  Cricklewood

Genre: Documentary 

Starring: Daniel Foley, Rosemary Foley, Daniel Lonergan, Margaret Lonergan, Tariq Dar, Jemmena Sweeney, Liaqat Hussain, Michael Troy "McGinty", Mirza Mohammad Zaffar Iqbal & Parveen Kausar Qureshi

Client: Ashford Place & The Heritage Lottery Fund

Credit: Director/DOP

In today's world of migration and Brexit, never has the theme of this documentary been so timely.

In the aftermath of World War II, British industries were hit by severe labour shortages. This resulted in the active recruitment of workers from former colonies. Cricklewood, once famous for its huge factories, became a hotspot for these new immigrants. The majority came from Ireland and Pakistan. More widely, by the 1970s 12% of the workforce in NHS hospitals was made up by Irish nurses and more than 18,000 medics came from Pakistan. Working alongside British colleagues in schools, hospitals, shops and factories, this culturally diverse generation became instrumental in helping the UK economy from the depths of the post war years. A TALE OF TWO CULTURES: FROM IRELAND AND PAKISTAN TO CRICKLEWOOD looks at the memories of a group of Pakistani and Irish migrants as they reminisce on the achievements of their cultures and the surprising similarities between the two.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Wales International

Genre: Documentary 

Starring: Jessica Tasmin

Credit: Director/Producer

/DOP/Editor/Sound Designer



It's not just Harvey Weinstein. Approximately 85,000 women and 12,000 men are raped in England and Wales every year, and there are far more that go unreported. The UK's society has placed a taboo on people speaking out about rape and its aftermath, by silencing/blaming victims and excusing the offender. SANCTIONED follows Jessica Tasmin's journey in regaining her body through pagan rituals, life modelling and the way she chose to present herself, after being raped. This film explores her body and aesthetic image as she narrates, commenting on the mental aftermath of sexual trauma and how Jess feels that our society can sometimes sympathise with the perpetrator.


OFFICIAL SELECTION - Wales International
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Southampton Interna

How I Got Sober

Genre: Documentary 

Starring: Warren & Katie

Client: Maddie Kitchen, Sobriety Films

Credit: Additional Editor

The fifteen minute documentary features the first person accounts of Warren and Katie and their struggles with alcohol dependency, childhood trauma, mental illness and how they achieved recovery against the odds.


Warren from London aged 53, was living on a park bench at the end of his drinking and describes how he found the 12 step fellowship that saved his life. He has overcome his violent childhood, become a practising Buddhist and family man. Warren performs stand up comedy gigs around London and has transformed his suffering into humour.


Katie 39 from Lancashire, didn’t believe she was an alcoholic when she ended up in rehab, broken and suicidal. Her story highlights how substances can be used as a form of self medication to cope with mental illness and PTSD. Katie struggles with anxiety every day but is a successful grass-roots singer songwriter on the London scene.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - World of Women Film

Crafting Communities 2: Alma Street Festival

Genre: Documentary 

Starring: The children from Carlton School, the residents of Ashdown Sheltering Home and Wellesley Care home. 

Client: SeeThrough Theatre Company & The Heritage Lottery Fund 

Credit: Director/Producer/Editor/DOP/Sound Recordist/Sound Designer

A short documentary about the Crafting Communities project run by SeeThrough Theatre Company aiming to develop and strengthen relationships with people of different ages while also producing beautiful Brazilian puppets for a carnival parade in Alma Street Fair.

We Will Not Be Silent

Genre: Alternative Cinema

Starring: Alex Dowding & Liberty Dye 

Credit: Director


When abuse is discussed mental abuse is often overlooked although survivors of abuse often say that mental abuse is one of the hardest parts of abuse to get over. WE WILL NOT BE SILENT is a short film that is narrated by a spoken word poem which explores the emotional aftermath of being in a mentally abuse relationship. 

Four Months at Forty

Genre: Alternative Documentary

Starring: Carey Murphy - de Neef

Credit: Director/Producer/DOP/Sound Recorder/Editor

Finding out she was four months pregnant with her first and only child at forty years old was a big shock. Carey Murphy - de Neef is interviewed and filmed by her daughter talking about the experience of an unplanned pregnancy at an age when the main focus was an excelling career and moving forward. 

Breakfast In Bed

Genre: Drama

Starring: Tomm Morton & Veronica Ward-Horner

Credit: Director/Producer/Screenwriter/Production Designer/Editor


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